Reflective Address Signs

If you called 911, could they find
your home or business quickly?

Reflective Address Sign

Be Safe & Get Found with a
High Visibility Reflective Address Sign

In an emergency, locating the address as soon as possible is the first step in saving lives and property. Time wasted searching for the proper address is something many 911-callers can’t afford. Proper marking of a home street address is the responsibility of the homeowner, but we, along with our emergency service partners, know that many homes within North Newton Township do not have their address clearly marked. Your purchase of a Reflective Address Sign will greatly improve the ability of all emergency service providers to quickly and accurately locate those that need help anytime, day or night.

If you are interested in ordering a sign
for your home or business,

please call the township office at (717) 776-7665.

Only $20

 Option 1:  Vertical     Option 2:  Horizontal