CVRT Improvements

Starting the week of November 22nd or 29th, a contractor for the Cumberland Valley Rail-Trail Council will be regrading, widening and resurfacing 6 miles of the CVRT’s stone bed to a width of 10 feet. Brush on either side of the trail will also be cut back. These improvements will begin at Shippensburg Township Park and end at the Oakville Road crossing.

The contractor will complete one section of the trail before moving on to the next section. The trail will remain open and signage will be placed alerting users of the sections under construction. Users may need to access the equestrian trail to maneuver around the construction and should exercise caution while doing so. Daily construction will end by 4 p.m. with no work performed on weekends.

Final paving of trail sections at the road crossings should happen in the spring of 2022.

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