FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


What is our governing body?
We are a Township of the Second Class and are governed by an elected three member Board of Supervisors.

May I attend a Township meeting?
Absolutely, all scheduled and publicly advertised meetings are always open to the public. See a schedule of meetings on the calendar. Agendas for the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board are posted on the website the Friday before the meeting and emailed to residents registered to receive the Township E-News. You may sign up to receive these emails on the right-hand side of the Homepage.

What is the population of North Newton Township?

Approximately 2,546 people, according to the 2020 U.S. Census.

How many miles of township roads does North Newton cover?
North Newton Township has 31.28 miles of township roads.


Where can I view the Township budget?
The budget is posted on the Township website or you may visit the office and request a copy.


Which Fire Department(s) covers my area?
Generally, there are three volunteer fire departments that cover the Township:
Northern Part – Friendship Hose Company #47

Western Part – Newburg-Hopewell Volunteer Fire Company #51
Southern Part – South Newton Township Volunteer Fire Company #49
We suggest you contact the department closest to your residence to verify first call areas.  

Does the Township have a burning ordinance?
Yes, the Burning Ordinance can be found at this link.


Who do I call for help with a raccoon, fox, groundhog or animals of this nature?
The Township does not provide animal control services and suggest looking in the yellow pages for local businesses that provide this service. If you see a dead deer, contact the PA Game Commission for removal at (814) 643-1831.

Where can I take a stray dog or cat found within the Township?
North Newton Township has an agreement with Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter to accept strays from residents at no cost that are found within the township. Proof of residency will be required.

How do I find my property lines?
The Township does not maintain this information, a surveyor should be contacted. Your deed will provide you with dimensions. You can obtain a copy of your deed online or through a visit to the Cumberland County Recorder of Deeds office.

Who do I contact to mark my utility lines before I begin construction?
Call 811 before you dig. The PA One Call System’s purpose is to prevent damage to underground facilities. To promote safety, they provide an efficient communication network among property owners, designers, contractors and facility owners. For answers to more PA One Call FAQs, please click here.

Where do I vote?
North Newton Township
Park Community Hall
528 Oakville Road, Shippensburg

I accumulate a lot of leaves and brush each season, how do I dispose of them?
Shippensburg Borough allows North Newton Township residents to participate in their Compost Facility Program. They accept leaves, shrubbery clippings, brush, garden and yard waste. Grass clippings, garbage, dirt, stones and fruit WILL NOT be accepted.
Please Note:  An annual registration fee is charged. 

Who do I contact regarding a property that is unkept?
You must first complete a Resident Complaint Form and submit it to the Township. The property will be examined and it will be determined if there is a violation.
Note:  Grass must be at least 12″ in height to be in violation.

My neighbor’s tree is imposing on my property. Any suggestions?
The Township does not get involved in these types of neighbor issues. We suggest you first discuss the concern with your neighbor.


How do I rent the pavilion or community room at the Township park?
For reservations, please call the Township office at (717) 776-7665 or download, print and submit this Park Rental Agreement for your next gathering. You may check the building’s availability on our Events Calendar.


Do I need a permit for a shed?
Yes, nearly all structures require a building/land use permit regardless of cost, size or portability. For more information on obtaining a permit, please click here.

What are setbacks?
The term setback means the required distance separating a building or structure from a property line. Setback regulations are included in the Zoning Ordinance or may be found by calling the Township office at (717) 776-7665.


I’m new to the Township and am interested in trash service. How do I go about signing up?
North Newton Township entered into a trash and recycling collection contract with Southampton Township, Cumberland County. Apple Valley Waste (aka Park’s) will be the refuse contractor serving North Newton Township through June 30, 2026. For more information on the different levels of service, please click here or call the Township office at (717) 776-7665.

My trash and/or recycling was not picked up. Who do I call?
Call the Township office at (717) 776-7665 and staff will report the problem.

My trash toter is broken. Who do I call to receive a replacement?
Call the Township office at (717) 776-7665 and staff will have one delivered to you.

When is trash delayed?
Services falling on the following holidays will be delayed by one day for the rest of the week: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. All other holidays operate as scheduled.

Where do I pay for my trash/recycling bill?
Southampton Township
200 Airport Road
Shippensburg, PA  17257

How do I dispose of a television, computer or peripherals?
Cumberland County has established an Electronics Recycling Center at 1001 Claremont Road, CarlisleThe cash fee for all accepted electronics is $0.50/pound. There will be a 1.5% convenience fee for debit card users and a 2.5% convenience fee for credit card users. The minimum debit and credit card convenience fee is $2.50. Sorry, checks are not accepted. The fee offsets the County’s costs for collecting, packaging, loading, shipping and recycling electronics and does not generate a profit. Anyone, regardless of place of residence, is able to use the recycling center assuming fees are paid in full.

For more information and to read answers to frequently asked questions, please click here. If you have additional questions regarding the recycling facility, please contact the County’s Recycling and Waste Authority at (717) 240-6489.


When and where is Clean Up Day?
North Newton Township holds a clean up day for Township residents on the 1st Saturday of May and October from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m at the Municipal Maintenance Facility located at 8 Red Shed Road, Shippensburg.

Where do I obtain a dog license?
Cumberland County’s website has an on-line application, as well as a list of locations across the county that have them available for purchase. Click here to be directed to their website.

Where do I report a lost or found pet?
Contact local veterinarian offices/hospitals and shelters.
– Better Days Animal League (717) 217-9819
– Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (717) 263-5791
– Central Valley Veterinary Hospital (717) 530-1060
– Mount Rock Animal Hospital (717) 532-8599
– Mountain View Veterinary Services (717) 477-8938
– Newville Animal Hospital (717) 776-6311
– Shippensburg Animal Hospital (717) 532-5413