Public Notices


Notice is hereby provided that on April 3, 2018, the North Newton Township Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance 2018-1 whereby the Township codified the existing Township ordinances and provided:

  • For the approval, adoption and enactment of the codification of a complete body of legislation for the Township of North Newton, as revised, codified and consolidated into titles, chapters and sections, such codification being designated as the “Code of the Township of North Newton”.
  • That the provisions of the Code are intended as the continuation of legislation in effect immediately prior to adoption of this ordinance.
  • For the repeal of inconsistent ordinances or parts of ordinances of a general and permanent nature which are not included in the Code, except as specifically saved from repeal.
  • That certain ordinances, rights and obligations be expressly saved from repeal.
  • That ordinances of a general and permanent nature adopted subsequent to preparation of the Code but prior to its adoption are deemed part of the Code.
  • For the adoption and ratification of changes and revisions made during preparation of the Code to the previously adopted legislation included therein, and for the inclusion of certain new legislation. Such changes, revisions and new legislation include:
    – Nonsubstantive grammatical and style changes.
    – Nomenclature changes.
    – General revision of penalty provisions.
    – Removal of specific permit and license fee amounts and authority for such fees to be set by resolution of the Board of Supervisors.
    – Adoption and ratification of other substantive changes and revisions made so as to bring provisions included in the Code into conformity with the policies and intent of the Board of Supervisors. Such changes and revisions are specifically enumerated and described in the ordinance.
  • For the interpretation of provisions.
  • That titles, headings and editor’s notes are inserted for the convenience of persons using the Code and are not part of the legislation.
  • For the filing of at least one copy of the Code in the office of the Township Secretary where it shall remain for use and examination by the public.
  • For the incorporation of future additions, deletions, amendments or supplements into the Code.
  • That Code books be kept up-to-date under the supervision of the Township Secretary.
  • That notice of introduction of the ordinance and Code be published according to law, and that enactment of the ordinance, coupled with filing of a copy or copies of the Code and publication of such notice, will be deemed due and legal publication of all provisions of the Code.
  • For penalties for anyone convicted of altering or tampering with the Code.
  • That provisions of the Code and of the ordinance are severable.
  • That the effective date of the Code and of the Ordinance be April 3, 2018.

The full text of the Ordinance, along with Schedule A, may be examined at the Municipal Office, 528 Oakville Road, Shippensburg, during regular business hours or by clicking on the respective links below. This publication is intended to provide notification of a decision. Any person claiming a right to challenge the decision must bring legal action within thirty (30) days of the publication of the second notice.

Ordinance 2018-1
Schedule A

Published in the April 11 & 18, 2018 editions of The Newville Valley Times-Star.