Permits – Getting the Job Done!

Click below on the type of permit you require for a printable application. Complete the form and call the township office at (717) 776-7665 for an appointment to obtain your permit.

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Septic Application
An application is required for a new septic system or for a repair to a malfunctioning system. The application forms are multiple copies and numbered sequentially, therefore they are not available online. Please call the township office to make an appointment to sign the form and pay the fee or request a form by mail. Subdivision & Land Development Process

New System:
– Application – $300.00
– Permit – $125.00

– Application/Permit – $225.00

Holding Tank: 
Application/Permit – $225.00

Driveway Application/Permit
– download (pdf)
This application is necessary for attaching a driveway from a lot onto a Township road, for placing a tile or culvert along a Township road, or for cutting into a Township road. For state roads contact PennDOT at (717) 243-5414.

Residential – $25.00
Low Volume Business – $50.00
Medium Volume Business – $75.00
High Volume Business – $100.00

Building/Land Use Permit 
– download (pdf)

Nearly all structures require a building/land use permit regardless of cost, size or portability. The following information is required:

  • A drawing of the property locating existing buildings, septic, well, and proposed structure showing dimensions of proposed structure and its distance to all property lines in feet.
  • Certificate of Insurance from contractor’s insurance company as proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance.
  • For new homes the septic permit and driveway permit must be secured prior to receiving the building permit.
  • Construction which results in coverage of impervious surface totaling 5,000 s.f. or more will require a Stormwater Management Plan (SMP). This applies to cumulative impervious surface resulting from any construction or surface covered from May 2011 forward. The SMP must be reviewed by and meet with the approval of the township engineer prior to issuance of a permit for new work.

Bring all paperwork along with you to your appointment for the issuance of your Building/Land Use Permit. If personal appearance is not possible, please call our office.

$25.00 for construction value up to $5,000
Add $1.00 per $5,000 of construction value

Uniform Construction Code Permit
 download (pdf)
For most new construction, the Uniform Construction Code will apply to the project in some way. Call the township office to find out if your proposed project is subject to the Code. You may complete the form here or office staff will assist you with all necessary paperwork.

Following the issuance of your Land Use Permit, you will be referred to West Pennsboro Township (our administrator of the Code program) at 2150 Newville Road, Carlisle, PA, phone (717) 243-8220. After you drop off your application there, you will be contacted in 2 – 3 weeks to pick up your permit. Middle Department Inspection Agency will perform all inspections on behalf of the Township.

Based on number of inspections necessary. The fee for inspections of new homes is normally in the $600.00 to $750.00 range.