North Newton Township Ordinance Summary

This is a list of ordinances passed by the Board of Supervisors of North Newton Township. The ordinances highlighted in red are available for your review online by clicking on the title. All others are available for public review by calling the Township Secretary for an appointment.

Name of Ordinance
Date of Adoption
Sanitary Sewage Inspector 05-06-68 Establishes the position authority of the Sewage Enforcement Officer, Amended 04-04-83
Vacating Public Road 02-02-70 Southwest 560 ft. section of tr702
Junkyard Ordinance 04-01-70A Superseded 01-02-07
Air Pollution Control (Burning) 04-01-70B Superseded 01-05-15
Planning Commission 06-05-72 Establishes the Planning Commission
Comprehensive Plan Adopted 02-11-74 Superseded 07-10-07
Subdivision Ordinance 04-01-74 Superseded 02-04-80, 06-01-92, 06-04-01 & 09-01-09
Road Permits 06-03-74 Superseded 07-02-90
Nuisance Ordinance 06-02-75 Superseded 07-10-07
Vacating Public Road 08-04-75 Portion of tr328 from SR641
Building Permit Ordinance 12-17-75 Superseded 03-07-83 & 03-03-09
Establish Real Estate Transfer Tax 03-01-76 Established RE Transfer Tax of 1%. Shared equally with Big Spring School District.
Establish Real Estate Tax at 2 mills 03-01-76 Changed to .14 mills on 12-04-2000 w/adoption of the 2001 Budget & Taxes, Superseded 09-03-13
Establish Earned Income Tax at = of 1% 03-01-76 Superseded 06-04-13
$5.00 Per Capita Tax 03-01-76 Superseded 09-03-13
Vector Control 08-01-77 Prohibits conditions for vector breeding
Subdivision Ordinance Revised 02-04-80 Superseded 06-01-92, 06-04-01 & 09-01-09
Gathering Ordinance 09-14-82 Permits required for gathering of 2000 or more
Building Permit Ordinance 03-07-83 Outlines provisions for obtaining Building Permits, Superseded 03-03-09
Sanitary Sewage Inspector Amendment 04-04-83 Adds penalties for violations, Amends Ordinance of 05-06-68
Multi-Family Dwellings 05-08-84 Provisions for building multi-family homes, Superseded by Zoning Ordinance of 12-02-14
Agricultural Area Ordinance 01-06-86 Establishes an agricultural area under the Agricultural Area Security Law of 1981
Interment of Human Bodies 08-04-86 Requires permits for cemeteries
Refuse Control 08-04-86 Forbids dumping or burying of refuse without a license
Prohibition of Obscene Material 08-04-86 Prohibits display and sale of pornography
Compensation of Twp. Supervisors 12-07-87 $50 per meeting not to exceed $1500 per year, Superseded 10-04-93 & 10-04-05
Building Permit Ordinance Amendment 03-08-88 Concerning Flood Plain & Mobile homes, Superseded 03-03-09
Building Permit Ordinance Amendment 12-18-89 Defines “Mobile Home Park” and “Wetland”. Superseded 03-03-09
Road Permits 07-02-90 Requires permits for cutting, attaching, or paving to a Township road
Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance Amendment 06-01-92 Establishes regs & fees, Superseded 06-04-01 & 09-01-09
Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance 11-02-92 Superseded 06-04-01 & 09-01-09
Weed & Vegetation Control 04-05-93 Vegetation not to exceed 12 inches
Intergovernmental Agreement w/Newville 05-03-93 Allows sewer services for residents living close to Newville
Compensation of Twp. Supervisors 10-04-93 $75 per meeting not to exceed $1500 per year, Superseded 10-04-05
Holding Tanks 07-05-94 Establishes procedures and limitations
Non-Pneumatic Tires 03-06-95 Prohibits non-pneumatic tires (that do not meet PENNDOT regs.) without a permit
Speed Limits Ordinance 01-02-96 Springfield, Nealy, Running Pump,Fish Hatchery & Bullshead roads
Speed Limits & Parking Restrictions 05-05-97 Sir William, Shepherd, James, Lance
Speed Limits Ordinance 10-06-97 Cemetery, Kough, Oakville, Running Pump, Fry & Stamy roads
Speed Limits Ordinance 03-02-98 Wildwood Lane
Subdivision & Land Development Amendment 03-02-98 Mobile home stands, Superseded 06-04-01
Speed Limits Ordinance 06-01-98 Red Shed Road
Indebtedness of $45,000 03-01-99 For purchase of 8 Red Shed Road with 2% State loan program
WCCOG Membership 03-05-01 Establishes membership in WCCOG
*Can be found in Ordinance Book No. 6
Speed Limits Ordinance 08-06-01 Clugston & Bullshead roads
Intergovernmental Agreement w/Newville 04-01-03 For Police service for Newville Elementary
Vacating Public Road 04-01-03 Portion of Camp Road between Ott & Clouse roads
Uniform Construction Code Ordinance 06-23-04 The township elects to administer and enforce the building code provisions of the PA Construction Code Act, Act 45 of 1999.
Supervisors Meeting Compensation 10-04-05 Replaces 1993 ordinance & establishes $125 meeting pay, not to exceed $1875 per year
Cumberland County Land Partnerships Grant Program 10-03-06 Agreement for Park Grant
Subdivision & Land Development Amendment 12-05-06 Establishes recreation fee on subdivision & land development to maintain/establish park space, Superseded 09-01-09
Junkyard Ordinance 01-02-07 Replaces 1970 Ordinance
Advisory Recreation Board 01-02-07 Sets up 5 member Park Board
Nuisance Ordinance 07-10-07 Supersedes 1975 Nuisance Ordinance
Fire Police Ordinance 07-10-07 Authorizes Intergovernmental Agreement within Cumberland County
Intergovernmental Agreement w/Newville 12-04-07 Supports an Intergovernmental Agreement with Newville relating to public water & sewer lines for Park Circle
Comprehensive Plan Intergovernmental Agreement 11-11-08 Authorizes Intergovernmental Agreement with other parties to the WCCOG Joint Comprehensive Plan
Building Permit/Floodplain Ordinance 03-03-09 Supersedes Building Permit Ordinance from 1983 and amendments from 1988 and 1989
Recycling Drop Off Container Agreement 10-06-09 Authorizes an agreement with Cumberland County Recycling & Waste Authority for the use of recycling drop-off containers
Water & Sewer Connection Ordinance 11-03-09 Requires connection to public water & sewer for improved properties abutting upon a street or right-of-way containing such utilities where the structure is within 250′ of utility main
Park Circle Extension & Abandonment 11-03-09 Authorizes the creation of an extension of Park Circle to connect to Sir William Drive and authorizes abandonment of the northern section of Park Circle.
Big Spring Senior Center #2011-1  01-03-11 Authorizes an Intergovernmental Agreement with Newville Borough and West Pennsboro Township for operating the Big Spring Senior Center
Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance 06-04-01 Superseded by SALDO adopted 09-01-09
Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance 09-01-09 Regulates subdivision and land development
Stormwater Management Ordinance #2011-2
Release Rate Map (Appendix B)
05-03-11 Adopts standards required by the PA DEP & Cumberland County. Any new development of 5,000 sq. ft. or more must submit a stormwater management plan to the township.
Newville Police Department #2011-3 06-07-11 Authorizes an intergovernmental agreement with the Borough of Newville to provide police services at the Newville Lions Club Community Fairgrounds as per an agreement between the Club and the Borough.
Borough of Newburg Sign Maintenance Ordinance #2011-4 07-05-11 Authorizes Intergovernmental Agreement w/Borough of Newburgfor maintenance of street signs (Borough terminated Agreement 07/25/13)
Garbage, Recycling and Bulk Item Collection Ordinance #2011-5 11-14-11 Regulates the collection, storage and disposal of garbage, recyclables and bulk items for residential properties
Intergovernmental Agreement with Southampton Township for Garbage & Recyclable Collection #2011-6 11-14-11 Adopts an intergovernmental agreement with Southampton Township
Earned Income Tax Ordinance #2013-1 06-04-13 Updates 1976 ordinance with same ½% rate.
Real Estate & Per Capita Tax Repeal Ordinance #2013-2 09-03-13 Repeals Real Estate & Per Capita taxes originally enacted in 1976
Sewage & Septic Sludge Land Application Ordinance #2013-3 10-01-13 Requires notice and a copy of the DEP permit to Township prior to application of sewage or septic sludge waste on agricultural lands within the Township.
Zoning Ordinance #2014-1 12-02-14 North Newton Township Zoning Ordinance
*See Zoning Ordinance Amendment #2017-1
Participation in the PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust #2015-1  01-05-15 Authorizes continued participation in the PSATS UC Group Trust
Participation in the Pennsylvania Townships Health Insurance Cooperative Trust #2015-2  01-05-15 Authorizes continued participation in the PA Townships Health Insurance Cooperative Trust
Burning Ordinance #2015-3  01-05-15 North Newton Township Burning Ordinance
Privy Ordinance #2016-1 04-05-16 Establishes procedures for the use and maintenance of new & existing privies
Intergovernmental Agreement with Southampton Township for Garbage & Recyclable Collection #2016-2 06-07-16 Adopts an intergovernmental agreement with Southampton Township
Participation in the Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative (PMHIC) #2016-3 11-03-16 Authorizes PMHIC membership
Zoning Ordinance Amendment #2017-1 03-28-17 Amends Section 200, Section 1026 & Section 1103 of Zoning Ordinance #2014-1
Nuisance Animal Ordinance #2017-2 09-05-17 North Newton Township Nuisance Animal Ordinance