PA State Police – Trooper’s Time


  • Children often find unique places to play. Piles of leaves in the street should not be one of them. Do not allow children to play or hide in the leaves which are out for pickup. Alternatively, do not intentionally drive through piles of leaves.
  • The weather will be changing before we know it. Please utilize caution when driving in wintery conditions. Slow your speed, increase following distance, and drive carefully. 4×4 makes vehicles GO, not makes vehicles STOP.
  • Prepare for the snow in advance. If there is a snowstorm, do not utilize this time for errands and regular shopping. Please allow the plows time to clear the roadway.
  • Do not leave unattended vehicles running to warm up. This allows a potential car thief easy access to steal your vehicle.
  • Remember to update your addresses on your PA identification cards, driver’s license, and vehicle registrations.
  • With winter approaching, please check tire tread and tire pressure to promote safer driving conditions.
  • As the start of the school year approaches, please pay attention to the school buses that will again be on the roads and children standing close to the road while awaiting the bus.
  • Autumn is a great time to check the function of smoke alarms and replace the batteries.
  • Remember to monitor your children when they play outside, as the sun will begin to set earlier each day.

PSP     Troop H, Carlisle

The members of the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop H, Carlisle Station, would like to remind motorists to be cognizant of the return to school by students and staff. In the interest of safety, we will be enhancing our monitoring and enforcement of speed limits around schools. Students, staff, and parents should also be aware that an increased presence of uniformed members, in both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles, will be seen in school areas, around events, and within parking lots throughout the school year.

Additionally, surveillance of school buses and subsequent enforcement actions will be taken against motorists failing to stop and obey school bus flashing lights and controls. Routinely students will be gathering around bus stops, crossing roadways, and at times possibly rushing to get to their bus arrival point or departing from their bus toward their homes after school. Motorists share a tremendous responsibility to be aware, be safe, and be ready to stop!

Community members are asked to be diligent in their efforts to report any observed unusual activity at or around school bus stops. Parents should discuss and enact a plan to ensure an adult in always present at bus stops for both student arrivals and departures. Suspicious vehicles and individuals can be reported to the State Police in Carlisle by calling 717-249-2121.

We all must do our part to keep our students safe.


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