Fry Road Repair – Beginning July 14th


North Newton Township has contracted with New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. to perform repairs to the shoulders of Fry Road. Work is expected to begin Friday, July 14th. The work schedule could be adjusted depending upon weather and other factors.

Fry Road residents will have access to the road and their property during construction, however, the road WILL BE CLOSED to through traffic, except for local deliveries. Please use extra caution and drive slowly when crossing the road or driving through the work zone. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the road so it will be serviceable for years to come.

Once the work of base repair and widening of the road shoulders is complete, drainage improvements beside Fry Road will be made starting the week of July 24th and the road will be closed between SR 641 and the Fry farm. During that week, Fry Road residents are asked to access their property using SR 533. The township plans to pave Fry Road in 2018.

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