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Population: 2430 (2010 U.S. CENSUS)

Township Road System: 31.28 miles
State Road System: 28.99 Miles
Total Roads: 59.82 Miles

Real Estate Tax:  ELIMINATED IN 2012
Per Capita Tax:  ELIMINATED IN 2013
Earned Income Tax:  1/2%
Street Lighting:  Only two neighborhoods in the Township are served by street lighting. The residents of those properties are charged a fee for this service as follows:
Oakville:  .60¢ per foot of road frontage
North Newton Hills:  $68 per lot

Township Information & Documents

North Newton Township Ordinances

North Newton Township Resolutions

Township Map:
North Newton Township Map

Open Records Policy & Request Form:
North Newton Open Records Policy
North Newton Township Open Records Request Form

Resident Complaint Form:
North Newton Township Resident Complaint Form

2018 Township Budget:
Budget Message
2018 Budget

2017 Township Budget:
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2017 Budget

2016 Township Budget:
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2016 Budget

2015 Township Budget:
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2015 Budget

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Townships Today Newsletter :
Townships Today Newsletter

Township Officials

The following list includes all elected & appointed officials of North Newton Township.

Board of Supervisors:
Ralph Fisher, Chairman – Term expires January, 2022
Mike L. Gutshall, Vice-Chairman – Term expires January, 2020
Joshua J. Shotto, Supervisor – Term expires January, 2024

Secretary-Treasurer:  Appointed Annually
Bonnie L. Myers

Administrative Assistant:  Appointed Annually
Sheila R. Koser

Code Enforcement & Zoning Officer:  Appointed Annually
Larry E. Hinkle

Township Engineer:  Appointed Annually
Brehm-Lebo Engineering, Inc.
Gregory S. Lebo, P.E.

Township Solicitor:  Appointed Annually
Salzmann Hughes, P.C.
Joel W. Rimby, Esquire

Board of Auditors: 
Kathy M. Biscuit, Chairperson – Term expires January, 2020
Douglas R. Lindsay, Secretary – Term expires January, 2022
W. Irvin Nelson – Term expires January, 2022

Tax Collector:
Darlene Pittman – Term expires January, 2022

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
Vincent C. Elbel – Appointed Annually

Emergency Management Coordinator:
Larry E. Hinkle – Appointed Annually

Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator:
Dennis J. Powell – Appointed Annually

Host Municipal Landfill Inspector:
William L. Neidigh, Primary HMI
Joel M. Keck, Secondary HMI

Harold L. Hamilton, Jr. – Term expires January, 2022

Planning Commission:
Ronald G. Glesner, Chairman – Appointed Term expires January, 2021
Steven J. Weingarten, Vice Chairman – Appointed Term expires January, 2019
Leah S. Heine – Appointed Term expires January, 2022
Robert E. Smith – Appointed Term expires January, 2020
Frank Yost – Appointed Term expires January, 2020

Advisory Recreation and Park Board:
Harold McCullough – Appointed Term ends January, 2023
Shawn McCullough – Appointed Term ends January, 2021
Robert E. Smith – Appointed Term ends January, 2022
Carl Tosh – Appointed Term ends January, 2020
Ethel Tosh – Appointed Term ends January, 2019

Agricultural Security Area Board:
Gary Halteman – Appointed Annually
Owen McCulloch – Appointed Annually
Harold McCullough – Appointed Annually
Thomas Nealy – Appointed Annually
Michael Gutshall – Appointed Annually

Zoning Hearing Board:
Patricia Miller, Chairperson – Appointed Term ends December 31, 2020
Daniel Witmer, Vice Chairman – Appointed Term ends December 31, 2019
Matthew Nealy – Appointed Term ends December 31, 2018
Matthew Hershey (Alternate) – Appointed Term ends December 31, 2020